The Little things

First walk/running thing today. I didn’t go very fast, or very far but I still did it!

First walk/running thing today. I didn’t go very fast, or very far but I still did it!


YES! 💪💕#motivation #determination #neversettle #nevergiveup #fit #fitness #fitgirl #fitchick #fitbabe #fitforlife #fitnesspost #girlswithmuscles #girlswholift #justdoit #justlift by fitvandallaire


YES! 💪💕#motivation #determination #neversettle #nevergiveup #fit #fitness #fitgirl #fitchick #fitbabe #fitforlife #fitnesspost #girlswithmuscles #girlswholift #justdoit #justlift by fitvandallaire

Today I just want to run away until I can’t breathe and no one can find me. I want to lose myself in the music so I can’t hear anyone tell me I’m not good enough. I want to scream until my throat is raw and everyone has gone away and left me alone.
Today will be ok, but it’s going to need a little work.


Saurian is an open world, survival based game experience, giving players the opportunity to take control of several different species of dinosaur. Players will attempt to survive through several life stages, fulfilling physical needs while avoiding predators and environmental hazards in a dynamic landscape. Our goal is to provide the most captivating dinosaur experience ever developed for commercial gaming, giving the player the first true chance to live like a dinosaur.

My earlier Project Crynosaurs post.

Formerly know as Project Crynosaurs, Saurian is a dinosaur sim game project being created by some friends of mine, with scientific accuracy in the forefront of their minds. Being an indie game, and a dinosaur game, everyone should spread the love and get the word out about this fantastic game that’s in the works!

At the very least, signal boost for that positively gorgeous, PALEONTOLOGIST APPROVED feathered rex based on the latest scientific knowledge and discoveries! You won’t see dinosaurs like these in any other current game!

PLEASE reblog this, my dinosaur friends. This game and the people behind it deserve recognition for their hard work and the amazing game they’re bringing to the world.

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Today I feel stuck and I don’t know why. I keep looking for something and I can’t seem to find it. Maybe I need to start hanging out with my friends more, being more active, see if that helps me feel better. I’ll get through it, but I hate feeling trapped like a wolf in a cage.

I am not a dog. I don’t need to be called names like bitch, cunt or whore. I am a strong woman, I have been through a lot and I have triumphed over many things. I am the person who always cares and wants to take care of people, I want my friends to be healthy and happy and I will do just about anything to make them that way.
I like having one sexual partner, I do however think that a person can have more than one emotional relationship with people. Just because I love my primary partner, whom I have mind blowing sex with regularly, does not mean that I cannot have another relationship that consists of long talks, holding hands and watching movies. I do however know that I am a beautiful woman and can do anything, achieve anything that I want to. I am confident in myself now, but I wasn’t always. I dislike other people’s insecurities, mainly because they live in denial about them, i see it everyday with many many people.
I love my Rogue, that will never change, even if he cannot love me unconditionally the way I want, I will stand by his side no matter what I want.
I am a strong, beautiful, confident, independent, clingy woman.
I love my Rogue, but my heart is large.

Visited Rogue’s parents last night. My work schedule is changing now which sucks a lot but I’ll get used to it. Also started thinking of New Year’s resolutions.

Hey guys! Just wanted to check in, and just letting you all know that I will be posting far more often than I have been previously. I am going about starting my own blog on another platform besides tumblr but I will try to cross post most of my stuff back and forth. 

The new blog is going to be almost entirely about weight loss, clean eating and that sort of thing but some of my other stuff may cross over, I’m not quite sure yet really, but we’ll see!